Cabinet Heater and Controller

HGK 047 Series 10W TO 30W Small Semiconductor Heater0

Product Description

· Dynamic heating up

· Energy saving

· Wide voltage range

· Temperature limiting

· Clip fixing

The heaters are used in enclosu res where condensation is to be prevented or the temperatu re may not fall below a minimum value . In this way corrosion is avoided and an even temperature is ensured.

Technical Data
Heating elementPTC resistor,self regulating and temperature limiting
Heater bodyExtruded aluminium profile, anodised
Mounting EN 50022 clip for 35mm DIN rail,EN 60715
Fitting positionVertical
Operating / Storage temperature-20 to+70℃(-4 to+158℉)
Protection typeIP54 / (earhed)
Operating voliqge120-240V


Art.NoOperating votageHeating capacityInrush current max.Length(L)Weight (approx.)Connection
04700.0-00120-240V AC/DC10W1.0A50mm0.10kg3x0.5mm2x300mm sheathed cable (silicone)
04701.0-00120-240V AC/DC20W2.5A60mm0.20kg3x0.5mm2x300mm sheathed cable (silicone)
04702.0-00120-240V AC/DC30W3.0A70mm0.20kg3x0.5mm2x300mm sheathed cable (silicone)
04700.9-00110-120V AC/DC10W1.0A50mm0.10kg3xAWG 20x300mm sheathed cable
04701.9-00110-120V AC/DC20W1.5A70mm0.20kg3xAWG 20x300mm sheathed cable
04702.9-00110-120V AC/DC30W1.5A100mm0.20kg3xAWG 20x300mm sheathed cable