Cabinet Heater and Controller

KTO 011 Small,Compact Thermostat

Product Description

1. Large setting range

2. Small size

3. Simple to mount

4.High switching performance

KTO 011: The rmostat (normally closed), contact breaker for regulating heaters.

KTS 011: Thermostat (normally open), contact maker for regulating of filter fans and heat exchangers or for switching signal devised when temperature limit has deen exceeded.

Technical Data

Switch temperature difference7K(±4K tolerance)
Sensor elementthermostatic bimetal
Contact typesnap-action contact
Contact resistance<10mΩ
Service life>100000 cycles 
Max switching capacity250VAC,10(2)   A120VAC,15(2)A   DC 30W
EMCacc to EN 55014-1-2, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3 
Connection2-pole terminal. clamping torque 0.5Nm max: rigid wire 2.5mm2, stranded wire (with wire end ferrule) 1.5mm2 
Mountingclip for 35mm DIN rail, EN50022 (or for exit filter EF 118 Series)
Casingplastic according to UL94 V-0, light grey, UL
WeightApprox. 40g.
Fitting positionVariable
Operating/Storage temperature-20 to+80℃(-4 to+176℉)/-45 to+80℃(-49 to+176℉)
Protection typeIP20

Drawing and Installation KTS-KTO 011 图纸1-1.jpg

Example of connectionKTS-KTO 011 接线图纸1-2.jpg

Setting rangeArt.No.Contact Breaker (NC)Art.No.Contact macker (NC)
0 to+60℃01140.0-0001141.0-00
-10 to+50℃01142.0-0001143.0-00
+20 to+80℃01159.0-0001158.0-00
+32 to+140℃01140.9-0001141.9-00
+14 to+122℉01142.9-0001143.9-00
0 to+60℃01146.9-0001147.9-00