Cabinet Heater and Controller

DA 084 Pressure Compensation Device

Product Description

High degree of protection

Easy to insta

1. It has become more and more important to provide a protected enclosure environment for valuable and crucial electrical and electronic components.

2. In a tightly closed enclosure. pressure differentials can occur during extremetemperatu re variations. such as day / night operation.

3. When this occurs, the risk of dust and humidity being absorbed into the control panel increases dramatically.

4. The specially designed pressure compensation plug DA 084 permits a controlled change in pressure.

5 It can be installed easily in any enclosure. Because of the pressure compensation plug's high degree of protection ( IP45 ), the protection type of the enclosure will not be affected.

Technical Data
MountingPG29 thread with union nut
MaterialPlastic according to UL94 V-0 
Air interfaceApprox.7cm2
Fitting positionVariable
Operating/Storage temperature-45 to+700℃(-49 to+158℉)


Make cut-out ∅37+1mm in enclosure wall and mount pressure compensation device with nut. Please make sure that the sealing gasket is put in place on the outer side panel of the enclosure. For optimal pressure compensation we recommend to use two devices on opposite sides towards the top of the enclosure.


Art. NoModelProtection typePacking unitWeight (approx.)
08400.0-00Without gasketIP452 Pieces62g (31g/piece)
08400.0-04With gasketIP452 Pieces62g (31g/piece)