Cabinet Heater and Controller

SG-7000 Series of Mechanical Thermostat

Product Description

Use instructions Room thermostat

Bimetallic room thermostat for heating and air-conditioning installations thermal , electrical and mechanical features Breaking capacity on opening contact, 10A-250V A . C (ohmic load) Differential : 0.5K

Temperature's scale adjustment

After almost two days from the installation, to obtain a precise scale adjustmentmeasu re the room tempe rature with a reference thermomete r, placed aside the thermostat, holding the shagreened part of the knob, turn the index with acoin, to reach the same value of the thermometer, We suggest to install theequipment aboutl 5mt from the floor and far from any heat source.



1 . Base

2 . Cover

3 . Cover screw

4 . Knob Lockpins, The lock pins for scale limitation

5 . Are to be detached from the base of the thermostat . They areLocated on the fixing holes.

6 . Index : The fixing of the room thermostat can be done directly onthe wall by screws and nags.

B1-with N . C . contacr

B2-with N . C . contact and ON-OFF switch

B3-with SPDT contact ( change-over )

B4-wvith change-over contact ( SPDT ) and ON-OFF switch

B7-with normally closed contact on Winterand normally opencontact on Summer'plus Summer-winter selector-switch


- Accelerating resistance with voitage to 220-250V a . c.

- This thermostat is provided with an accelerating resistance which mustbe absolutely connected in order to obtain the regulation sperformances.

- The terminal 4has thus to be connected to the neutral according to the diagram shown on the cover.

- This connection allows also the working of the pilot lamp which indicates the operation of the heating.