Plum blossom contact

GC5-630A (12 pieces) plum contact

Basic Info.

Model NO.GC5-630ABrandESNEW
Application:Electrical Base, ShellMaximum Voltage:20KV~100KV
Chemistry:Organic InsulationCertificationISO9001
Classification:Inorganic Insulation MaterialHS Code8546900000

Product introduction

Structural features

1. Electromagnetic polishing of non-magnetic stainless steel bracket :

2. Non-magnetic stainless steel ring tension spring bundle

3 . The contact piece is T2 copper plate fine-punching processing. tre surface is plated with thick siver, anil-discoloration treatment does not change color for a long time, the shape is beautiful.

Used for high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers, central cabinets, handcarts, etc.


GC5-630A (12 pieces)GC5-630 1250A (24 pieces) 
GC5-630A (12 pieces) plum contact 1-2.jpgGC5-630 1250A (24 pieces) plum contact 1-2.jpg
GC5-1250A (30 pieces)GC5-1600A (36 pieces)
GC5-1250A (30 pieces) plum contact 1-2.jpgGC5-1600A (36 pieces) plum blossom contact 1-2.jpg
GC5-2000A (48 pieces)GC5-3150A (64 pieces)
GC5-2000A (48 pieces) plum contact 1-2.jpgGC5-3150A (64 pieces) plum contact 1-2.jpg
GC5-4000A (84 pieces)
GC5-4000A (84 pieces) plum contact 1-2.jpg