High Voltage Appliance

Expulsion Cut Out Fuse


The primary purpose of any Cut-out Fuse is to provide protection to the lines of your system and the various apparatus on those lines such as transformers and capacitor banks. Cutout fuse provide reliable protection from low-level overloads that just melt the fuse link, intermediate faults, and very high faults, through maximum interrupting capacity.

Technical Data:


高压熔断器 8.jpg
1. Mounting Bracket2. Long Bolts
3. Mounting Bracket4. External-Tooth Lock Washer
5. Porcelain Insulator6. Lock Washer
7. Upper Connection8. Fuse Holder
9. Lower Connection10. Lifting Eye
11. Connectors12. Contacts
13. Load Break Tool Attack Hook14. Opening Eye

高压熔断器 7.jpg