Static contact

630/1250/1600/2000/2500/3150A Static contact

Basic Info.

Model NO.630A~3150ABrandESNEW
ApplicationElectrical Base, ShellMaximum Voltage20KV~100KV
ChemistryOrganic InsulationCertificationISO9001
ClassificationInorganic Insulation MaterialHS Code8546900000

Product Description

Contact is one of the key components of switch electrical appliances. The main performance and the length of life depends on the stand or fall of contact materials.Contact material generally requires good electrical conductivity, low contact resistance, high fusion welding resistance, higher arc erosion resistance and the ability to resist material transfer.  For vacuum contactor material, it also requires the closure is small, high crushing strength, and high breaking capacity.Contact materials microstructure has important effect on macroscopic properties, electric properties of contact materials, such as resistance to fusion welding, arc ablation resistance and compression capacity not only and composition of contactor material composition, but also related to the size of the grain size and composition of materials.

The static contact mainly used in high voltage switch cabinet.


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2000A static contact 1-2.jpg2500A static contact 1-2.jpg3150A static contact 1-2.jpg