Contact box

JYN2-12KV / Contact box 630~1250A

Product Description


1. Usage: High voltage

2. Materials: Epoxy resin

3. Type: Insulator

4. Rated voltage is 12KV

5. Specification: CH3 Series

Contact box, contactor box , switchgear accessories , insulating contact box.

General Description

The contact box is formed by epoxy with APG technology, it is used for insulation isolation and connection transition of various switch trucks.

1. Adopts epoxy resin automatic pressure gel craft that be APG craft manufacture. Product beautiful, Machine,Electrical performance fit.

2. Adopts high toughness epoxy resin manufacture , Machine capability excellent, And adopts low reaction activity recipe system , Material solidifies slow , Product body stress low. Maximum field enhances products machine capability .

3. Adds activated silica slight powder , Furthurs enhance epoxy resins machine capability ,Much ensures insulate long-term keep good electric insulate performance under wet work environment.

Operation Condition

1. Altitude:≤1000m.

2. Ambient temperature:+40°C~10°C.

3. The relative humidity shall not be more than 95%at+20°C ambient temperature.

4. NO gas or dust that may severely affect the insulation of contact box. no explosive or corrosive substance.

Technical Date quirement

1. The copper contact to earth shall withstand power frequency test voltage(effective value )of 42kv for 5 minutes and lightning impulse voltage (peak value) of 75KV.

2. The temperature of lead-out terminal shall not be more than 65°C if the contact box is used for long time in rated current condition.

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