Axial fan

VS806 Ventilation strainer set

Product Description

- The main material of ventilation net is: ABS resin with fire-resistant grade, with anti ultraviolet and electrostatic effects;

- Filter material: imported nylon fiber synthetic resin is selected, and the dust removal rate is as high as 86% to effectively prevent dust from entering the inside of the electric control cabinet;

- Ventilation port: adopts a 45-degree angle, innovative design, beautiful and generous, with a multi-functional design that is waterproof and dustproof;

- Effective wind speed: 50m3/min

- Collection coefficient: 89%

- Protection grade: IP54

Note: In order to ensure the effective heat dissipation of the controller and precision electronic parts, extend the service life and reduce the failure rate, the filter needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain the ventilation filtering effect.