Cable And Wire Terminals

DTL Electrical Cable Lug Copper Aluminium Terminals

Basic Info.

Type:Single Hole TerminalsMaterial:Copper
Application:Conduct ElectricityCharacter:Environmental Protection
Species:TerminalProduction Process:Cold Pressing

Product Detail

Material: E-Cu; A1-99.6%

Surface treatment: Bright

Products property: Due to the coupling effect when Aluminium comes in contact with Copper, corrosion will happen in a short time. Currently the best solution is to use Aluminium-Copper bimetal connectors. A bimetal lug should be used for termination

The friction welding is well done. And its barrel capped is illed with joint compound to avoid oxidization

DTL 10-6624.813.56.5
DTL 16-8705.8168.5
DTL 25-8757.217.58.5
DTL 35-10858.52010.5
DTL 50-10909.72310.5
DTL 70-1210211.52612.5
DTL 95-1211213.52812.5
DTL 120-14120153114.5
DTL 150-1412516.53514.5
DTL 185-1613318.537.517
DTL 240-16140214017
DTL 300-1816023.544.518.5
DTL 400-20170275021
DTL 500-20225296021