PG Clamp

CAPG-3 PG Clamp

Product Detail

Description:CAPG Cu-Al Parallel Groove Clamp is used for the Non-bearing connection and offset of aluminum stranded wire, aluminum stranded wire, it's used with insulating cover for the effect of protective and insulation.

ModelConductor Cross-section (mm2)Bolts
CAPG-A1Cu 6-50 Al 16-701×M8×40
CAPG-A2Cu 10-95 Al 25-1501×M8×45
CAPG-B1Cu 6-50 Al 16-702×M8×45
CAPG-B2Cu 10-95 Al 25-1502×M8×50
CAPG-B3Cu 25-185 Al 35-2002×M10×60
CAPG-C1Cu 6-50 Al 16-703×M8×45
CAPG-C2Cu 10-95 Al 25-1503×M8×50
CAPG-C3Cu 25-185 Al 35-2403×M10×60
CAPG-C4Cu 35-240 Al 35-3003×M10×70